eyebrows! get your eyebrows here!

As we all know, I have about one good facial expression for most of my pictures. Why? Because it works. And because I work the eyebrows. 
In the recent weeks/months I've gotten a lot of questions/comments/compliments on my eyebrows. And you know what? I really like these things. 

This was not always the case for me. Only in the past 6-8 months have I really paid attention to them. Before, I'd tweeze every time they got out of control or just go to get them waxed or threaded. One day this nice girl waxing my eyebrows told me they were beautiful and I needed to let them grow more. I was breaking one of the most commonly broken facial hair rules; over-tweezing. 

I was taking off WAY too much in the middle and completely shortening my eyebrows. 

So, in response to the comments and inquiries, I want to share with you some tips I've picked up on rocking a set of bitchin' eyebrows.  Now don't get me wrong, you are already gorgeous! However, I realized what a difference it made after I took a chance and grew them out, and really loved the change.

 It all starts with how they're maintained. I LOVE this tutorial on how to shape them:

**Stop over plucking! The wider the space between your brows, the wider your nose looks. So, if you're trying to downsize the nasal department....there ya go.

**Try letting those babies grow. The growing out process was sometimes awkward for me because I just felt a lot...harrier. But it really has been worth it and they make me feel more feminine now? Does that make sense? Whatever. 

** EYEBROW PENCIL!!! AHHH!!! I can't praise this enough! Seriously, I love it. I had someone try it out on me at the make up counter at Macy's once and immediately fell in love. She showed me how to use it and helped me pick out a good color. It matches my brow color perfectly (you don't want to go too dark or it looks crazy fake). 
*** When using eyebrow pencil, I only lightly fill in the middle parts of my brows where the hair is the most thin and do one thin line across my brow to give it color. My pencil has a brush on the other end so I can blend it in afterward. THIS is the eyebrow pencil I use. 

Now go! Experiment with those brows-they will change your face. AND make it so much easier to give your kids dirty looks.

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