22 months

Julian Tochi James

Isaiah Chidi Hamilton

I feel like the months leading up to two are flying by. Soon I'll have two year old twins, but for now I have 22 month old super awesome boys.  We're working on talking, still only saying a few 2 syllable vowel words but they're signing like crazy now, combining signs and using them to ask for things. 

Other kick ass tricks they know: downward dog yoga pose, how to "raise the roof" and do the robot, karate kick and say hi-ya, fist bump (even each other), spin in circles and walk backwards, wink, snap, make fish faces and game faces, say cheeeeese, give kisses and say "muah", dance, flex their muscles, run fast and jump high and their new favorite, holding hands and walking with us. 

We have two more months to soak up the "ones" before we head on into the TERRIFIC twos. I intend to do a lot of soaking.

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