a week in iphone

My life lately, in iphone pictures.

1. Sewing felt letters on $3 felt stockings from Joann's. 2. Starbucks Christmas Blend, and the realization I need a nicer coffee maker. 3. Made it. 4. Boys being total BOSSES at sign language. 5. Isaiah kissing his brudder. 6. Mama Mandolin order, ready for a new home 7. Love birds up on the wall in our bedroom. 8. New lovelies in the shop. 9. Holiday spirit in my sewing spot. 10. Dudes *folding* laundry. It's their new thing. 11. Being a hipster. 12. Isaiah Lou Who. 13. Watching the Santa Ana winds blow away the trees by our house. 14. Mama and Isaiah, wearing a cardigan. 15. Beers for Chikezie's birthday. 16. Our first date in over a year. I love him.

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