red lipstick and pin up hair

I don't wear lipstick...ever. I don't even OWN lipstick, until now. I got a little whim to buy the brightest red lipstick I could find at Target the other night. I'm determined to wear it out. Maybe New Years Eve? I've always thought you had to be a certain kind of person to pull off red lipstick, when I've really discovered anybody can wear it, you just have to rock it once you have it on. 

Yesterday I had some fun while the boys were napping, playing with the lipstick and attempting a pin up style hair-do.  Who cares if I have about a million other things to do? It was kind of nice being a little selfish for a while.

This was the result:
Not too bad, right? I obviously didn't really comb down the fly-aways because I was just playing around. BUT... I really do like the lipstick. 
Here's the look with the back down instead of pinned up. 

And how totally old school does this look?!

I'll probably never wear my hair like this, well the bangs part anyways, but it was fun to try. My bangs are shorter and it was really hard to get them pinned into a roll like that. Stay tuned for some red lipstick adventures in my future! And if you don't have any or don't think you could pull it off, it never hurts to TRY. Just be careful not to overdo the rest of your makeup, red lips kind of need the spotlight.

HERE is a good video on a similar hair style using a bun in the back.

If you guys have any good tips or tricks on wearing red lipstick and or/ some cool 50's hairstyles-please share! 

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