presents for the dudes

Thought I'd share with you guys what the boys will be opening up tomorrow morning!

$5 Circo Infant/Toddler Boys Denim

Let's face it, I'm all about practical clothing for kids. The boys have 3 pairs of jeans (between the two of them) right now, all three thrifted Baby Gap and Quicksilver. They're good quality and all but they're just so tight around the waist. The dudes have some bellies. I love these cheap pants from Target, the elastic is perfect. 

What Christmas is complete without some socks and/or undies from your mom? You bet you're ass I'm wrapping these. And I'm going to be really excited about it when they open them. The more excited I am, the more excited they get about simple stuff like this. 

[from Santa...unwrapped!]
The boys are seriously obsessed with our vacuum. They say va-va over and over and run to the closet where I keep the vacuum whenever they think I'm going to vacuum. I was going to get them the fancy Fisher Price toy vacuums but they're like $30 each. When you have to buy two of everything, price becomes a factor. These vacuums are SO cute, and they light up and make a vacuum noise. That's all we need! 

2 Circo Wood Peg Puzzles (not this one)
They're super into puzzles these days, especially Julian. I couldn't find the ones I got on the Target website but they were like $3 each. Now they'll have a couple of new puzzles to add to their collection. These things seriously provide hours of entertainment at our house.

I only got one of these, mainly because it was $25 and I'm a cheap ass. My plan is to hide this until we get on the plane. I figure a new toy SHOULD keep them entertained on our flight. I wanted to get them something relatively small but still entertaining that would fit in the carry on easily. They already have THIS phone and I think this pad is a good step up from that. 

This is the other new-on-the-plane gift we got for our trip. It was only $15 and is a good alternative to the Leap Frog above. Hopefully the boys won't fight over one or the other (which happens a lot) and these will keep them entertained on the 3hr flight!

Santa will fill their stockings with goldfish and little squeaky dinosaurs. Oh, and some $2 foam swords I picked up at JoAnn's, mainly because I was picturing the boys sword fighting and it was hilarious.

All together we spent less than $100 total for the boy's gifts. I'm pretty proud of that. Every time they get new toys, we try to get some old toys off to Goodwill, and I'm sure we'll be brining home a ton of toys from grandparents over the next week. 

I can't wait to watch the boys open presents (and actually GET IT for the first time) and holy cows I can't wait to see their faces when they find those vacuums under the tree on Christmas morning. My dad found it particularly comical that I bought the vacuums from the girl's section at the store. Boys vacuum, too!!

What are your kids getting for Christmas??

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