our longest Christmas ever.

Well, we made it to Iowa. We're here staying with my mom and enjoying our vacation. If you were following me on Twitter or Instagram, you kind of know what has been going on. If not, I'll catch you up.

On Christmas we planned to fly out of LAX to Sioux Falls, SD and then my mom was going to pick us up and we'd drive the 2 hrs to my hometown. We checked in at LAX and waited for our flight to leave at 3:20pm (to arrive in Sioux Falls at 8:30pm). Well, we boarded the plane and sat there for two hours while they tried to fix some "electrical problems". Meanwhile, the boys were fussy and squirmy, there were a few epic meltdowns and I was about in tears when they told us we had to get off the plane.

After we de-boarded the plane we were told they had to fly in a rescue plane from Phoenix and it wouldn't arrive until 8:30 pm. So, we had no choice but to wait at the airport until then. We had two super tired, whiney, clingy boys...and we were exhausted too. They didn't want daddy, only mama, so I spent the majority of the 4 hours in the airport with one boy in the carrier and the other on my hip. 

We boarded the plane for the 2nd time at 9pm and discovered that it was the exact same plane we'd been on before. They'd made us switch gates to try to trick us into thinking it was a new flight. The boys slept (after a final meltdown on the plane) for the majority of the trip, only to melt down (I mean red face screaming) once again on the descent. 

When the plane stopped in the terminal, we'd all stood up and got ready to de-board only to be told to sit back down because they had to back the plane up manually because they pulled too far in. This process took another 20 minutes. All while babies were screaming.

We arrived in Sioux Falls at 2am, exhausted and grumpy that our Christmas was pooped on. I'm so thankful my mom and Dan (her fiance) rented a hotel room for us all to stay in. The boys had some trouble falling asleep there so we didn't really get to sleep until around 4am. 

Longest day ever.

And the next day we drove 2 hours home. 

The customer service on our flight (with Allegiant) was horrible and the entire experience just sucked. But I did learn one thing about myself during this situation that the boys have taught me over the past 21 months; I am an extremely patient person. And I'm thankful and proud of this realization and the patience I had to keep it all together when I really just wanted to plug my ears and sit in the corner and cry. Especially when the boys were screaming and needing me and only me.

All of that is over and done with and now we're having an awesome time with my family. It's good to be home. 

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