manners and sound effects

My boys are growing up.

Last night we took an impromptu family outing to the mall to return a winter coat Chikezie ordered that came in the wrong size. We've had to get ourselves all ready for the Iowa cold next week, winter coats? What are those? Anywho. I decided to carry a boy in the ergo around the mall (instead of both of them in umbrella strollers) because I really miss carrying them. I feel like they're growing so fast lately. I'm desperately trying to hold on to the little things. 

We stopped and had dinner at Rudy's and it was such a perfect little night. I want to remember the little details before I blink and they're all grown up. They loved the choo-choo that was going in circles on the ceiling. They sat in booster seats... like big kids. Julian kept a crumpled up napkin to his left and every so often would dab his mouth and put the napkin back in its spot. Isaiah grabbed a few sugar packets and pretended to pour it on his food making the "shhh-shhh" sound effects. 

Who are these big kids? Sound effects? Manners? It's too much. 

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