it's a privilege

Since I've gotten my iphone, I've found myself using my DSLR less and less. I'm really trying to make more of an effort lately to actually get out my camera and take some quality photos. The boys grow so fast, I really want to remember on capturing the details as they grow. 

Looking at these pictures makes me remember how lucky I am that I get to stay home with them. Some people (without kids) look at stay-at-home-moms as women who don't really have a choice, and that they HAVE to stay home with their kids. Or we're looked down on or felt bad for for not having a career outside the home. In reality, and in this economy, it's a privilege to be able to stay home with the boys. They're only little once, and I get to be home to watch every second. I'll have a professional career again someday but for now, this is my focus. 

When the boys are grown and I look back on my life, I'll always cherish these years that I was able to witness these little miracles learn about the world. 

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