how to hem your jeans {with the original hem}

How many times have you bought jeans just because they fit your butt so well but they were way too long? And you just designated them as your "heel jeans" because that's the only thing you can wear them with? But you have babies and never wear heels anymore? Oh just me? Ok. 

Well in any case, I recently bought some nice Gap jeans that fit me just right, except in the length. I'm 5'9" and many of my jeans are still too long (thanks to a long torso). The short length jeans are too short, regular length jeans are too long. 

I used my sewing skills to hem these babies up. You can do it too, you know. Sewing machine or not!

What you'll need:
Jeans. (duh)
measuring tape
sewing machine (although you could totally do this by hand, too.)

With the jeans on, fold up the bottoms to the length you'd like. Make sure to be wearing shoes you normally wear so you jeans the appropriate length with shoes on. Take your time on this step because you don't want to completely hem your jeans and then realize they're still too long.

With your jeans off, measure how much you've folded up from the bottom of the hem to the fold. 

Divide the measurement from the previous step in half and pin the jeans at that measurement. I folded mine up almost 2 inches, so I pinned them at about 3/4 inch all the way around. I use the tape measure at each pin to ensure I've pinned up evenly all the way around. Repeat with both legs. 

With a zipper foot, sew along the bottom of the original hem line completely around the pant leg. It's a pretty tight fit when you get to the side seems, I had to raise my foot a couple of times so it could get over the thick seems. Repeat this for both legs.

The sewing is done, now turn the folded edges in and press the fold on both the inside and outside. You can also do a couple stitches by hand on the sides if you hemmed up more than a couple of inches, to keep the fold in place. 

That's it!

You can also use this method for you kids' pants that are too long. The hem can be easily removed once they grow into the length. 

Happy hemming, friends!

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