Holiday Card 2011

In case you guys missed it, I rock chalk at photoshop. These are some mad skillz:

(click image to view full size)

Actually, you should probably leave me some good feedback on this because I'm super self conscious about my photoshop abilities. When your husband is a web designer and he chuckles at the most basic questions you asks him and you're still confused after he answers, it's a little difficult to feel like you're good at it! (Don't worry, he tells me I'm good. But he's way better, so in this house I'm the worst.)

This will be our holiday card for the year! I made ours last year as well. We could have had some nice and professional pictures taken but I enjoyed this night on the beach. I don't care that my hair is in a wind blown and the ergo is pushing out my gut fat. My children are both looking in the general direction of the camera and my husband is not making a silly face. Success.

The Paper Mama

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