go ahead, laugh.

For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, I present: 

Mandey, Trying to Model Earrings and Subsequently Take Pictures of Herself.
[an awkward afternoon]

Take One:
 ugh. ok, let's try this again. Maybe I should crop out more of my face this time.

Take Two:
Ok, decent. But I should probably have more than one good one just in case.

 Take Three:
 Oh my hell. What is wrong with me? Move the freaking Target bag!

Take Four:
 Maybe I should shave. 

Take Five...

BRINGING OUT THE BIG GUNS...the CLASSIC smirk, look away thing. This should work:

 Take Six:
I quit. 

I used the 2nd one. 

I haaaate taking pictures of myself to model stuff for my etsy shop. I especially hate modeling the earrings. I think it would all be easier if I had a remote. I do, but I lost the directions to it and still need to figure out how to set it up. Also?  I need a tripod. Anyways, I thought I'd let you into my own personal hell; modeling my shiz. 

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