Let me tell you about my husband, he has a really good heart. And this time of year reminds me of something he did once that completely blew me away. It was his birthday (December 3 he's going to be THREE-ZERO!) and he was working until 3am at the bar. He picked me up at my apartment when he was off of work. It was snowing out, that beautiful heavy snow at the beginning of winter. We already had quite a few inches. 

Near his house, we saw a man outside snow blowing the sidewalks in his coveralls, not really making much of a difference because of the heavy snow. 

"Let's go get that guy some coffee or something." He said as we drove slowly by him. 

And we did. We stopped at the gas station a couple of blocks away and got him a cup of hot cocoa. We drove back around the block and I jumped through the heavy snow to give him his cocoa. He gave me a huge smile and a thank you. I don't now if it really changed his life, but that moment really changed mine.

On his birthday, at 3 am, when all he probably wanted to do was get home and sleep, my husbnad was thinking of someone else. That night is one I'll never forget. 

In the spirit of giving, this year we've adopted a child through the Angel Giving Tree:

You can type in your zip code to find a list of children in need in your area and can adopt as many as fits in your budget. They give you the child's age, gender, needs/wants and sizes. You are also given free shipping on anything your order from JCPenny, but can buy your gifts elsewhere as well. 

It was difficult for me to read through the lists of kids and the things they needed. How do you chose? I felt slightly overwhelmed and a little guilty. I wish I knew who were brothers and sisters because I would hate for one child to get what they wanted and the others, nothing. But if you can't help everyone, the least you can do is help SOMEONE.

So, we adopted a 7 year old boy. And I'm really excited to start searching for things to fill his holiday list. I really encourage you to GIVE this holiday season. The Angel Giving Tree Online was super easy and you could potentially do all the shopping without leaving your house. 

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