3 ways to wear a hair bow (and not look like a baby)

Holiday party to go to but don't know what to do with le hair? No problem. Throw in a bow and go, yo. I used to think big bows were only for babies but they're not! You can wear them, too without looking like you need a bottle. 

I made this bow myself exactly like THIS tutorial (if you want to do it yourself). There's just enough room in the back of the bow to stick a bobby pin or to slide it on to a headband. So easy!

May I present to you:

I have curly hair, and I like it big. Here's the tutorial on how I get my hair curlier (and how you can pull some curl into your hair for this). This is after blow drying upside down with a diffuser:

Backcomb all around the crown. I backcomb about halfway up the chunk of hair (it'll go down, don't worry). 

Hairspray the crap out of it. Even flip upside down and hairspray.

STYLE 1: headband-bow combo
Use a thin, headband to push all your hair back. Slip a bow in next to the headband. Easy. Do more backcombing and hair spraying at the crown for some extra poof. Wear some pretty earrings. (I obviously forgot.) 

Style 2: bang twisty-twist
Part your hair to the side. Twist your bangs in toward your head (if you twist out it'll look weird). Bobby pin them in under your hair by pushing the pin toward your face. Add the bow. BOOM. Done.  

Style 3: half pulled back twisty twists
  • Loosely twist both front sections of your hair (in front of your ears) back to the middle of your head, leaving your bangs out.
  • Pin the bow where both twists meet in the back. This also helps camouflage those bobby pins. 
  • Then do the little twisty thing with your bangs again, pinning them up a little higher than your lower twist. 
  • I backcombed under bottom half after everything was pulled up. 
Bottom line on all three of these hair styles: BACKCOMB and HAIRSPRAY. The bigger the better, because after you walk out the door it'll all start to go down. And the awesome thing is, this works on both straight and curly hair, long and short. 

 If you have any questions on this please let me know! And if you try it yourself, I want to see pictures!

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  1. What color whould tou call your hair here.. if u can remember, lol!