trick or treating [at the mall]

We decided to take the boys trick or treating at the mall yesterday. I figured it would be easiest for all of us. Mall trick or treating is kind of a new concept for me! I grew up in a small town with obviously no mall, when you went trick or treating you could go to most of the houses in town. I didn't know anything about kids trick or treating at malls.

It was awesome.

A semi contained environment, not a ton of other kids, didn't have to wait at doors or ring bells, it went pretty fast. It was a great first trick-or-treat for the boys considering they can't eat any of the candy and don't really know what's going on.

Chikezie stayed with Julian all night. The kid didn't want to be tied down to a bag. He just wanted to explore. He slows down by every plant, every picture, he just has to look at everything. Doesn't want to be tied down to anything or contained. Just gotta let him do his thing. His floppy ears were a huge hit. We got a ton of comments...which further proves my point that homemade costumes are the best!

Isaiah held his candy bag the whole time. Although he wanted me to carry him for a lot of the mall (shit he's heavy), he held his bag up when I told him to say trick-or-treat. He learned very quickly that they give you stuff in your bag if you hold it up for them. 

After he got some good loot, he plopped down right in the middle of the mall. So from this point on I just dumped the candy in my purse after he got it. He didn't really care either way and I didn't want him choking. 

The the pet store...smiling at the puppies. I died. He loves dogs. We need one. He just stared at them forever, smiling. It was seriously so sweet.

When we were done, we stopped by the play area and let the boys play. They're so different. Julian was just walking around exploring everything, kind of oblivious to all the other kids. Isaiah just loves people. He constantly just goes up to random people and kids, just staring. Maybe he's just kind of creepy. Well, I guess it's not creepy for a little boy but hopefully he grows out of that when he learns to talk or he could very well be the creepy kid. He tried to talk to a couple of kids by pointing and doing his "da-da-da" but they were too busy running around screaming. 

And when Julian got tired, he got up and had a seat with daddy. So it was time to go.

We had a fun little time. And I realized that we have candy-getters for the next at least 10 years. And as they get older, their endurance picks up, the more candy for us! Just kidding. Kind of. Not really.

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