testing me.

They're testing me. They're pushing their boundaries. They know what they're not supposed to touch (the tv, the computer, the garbage) but do it anyways for attention. They touch it with one finger or get dangerously close and then look at me to see what I'll do. Redirect, say "no no", more redirection, they think it's a game now, mommy starts to get frustrated. 

Story of my week.

They're mostly good in the mornings. They suck at life in the afternoons. They're nice again when Chikezie gets home, usually. It's the afternoons mostly, but that's really when crap hits the fan and they both really unleash the fury. Temper tantrums, fighting over things, whining at every. little. thing. Not letting me even go upstairs to get a basket of laundry without balling. Eating nothing but bananas, slamming their sippy cups against things upside down so drops of liquid come out, fighting over the doors....keeps going and going.

A couple of nights ago, by the time Chikezie got home I immediately told him I needed to get out of the house, I was just in too bad of a mood and needed to get away from everyone. 

On days that get rough, I need to remember that they come first. The house can wait. My need to pick things up can wait. They are now at a stage where once again, they need Mama a little more than they used to and I need to rearrange my priorities. 

I feel like at times my innate need to be productive just overrides everything. But in reality, they should be the only thing that matters on my to-do list. 

So from now on at the beginning of my to-do list every day, "LOVE MY BABIES" will be number one. It may seem obvious, but that little written visual is bound to make the days go by more smoothly. 

What do you do when your children start to test you?


  1. I think you are 100% correct! Its so easy to get distracted by things that need to get done. Its great you realize your little dudes come first :)

  2. When my son tests me i ignore him and redirect him, theres not much you can do. My son is also a March '10 (im on your babycenter birthclub) i know exactly how feel, perhaps you can ask the ladies on BBC!