You guys, I've only had this damn iphone for a few days and I'm already taking a billion and a half pictures. It's just SO EASY! I don't have to lug around my giant camera, I can just take quick snapshots throughout the day. I love it. 

So here are my past few days in iphone pics

 first ever iphone pic// morning Julian// morning Isaiah// peek-a-boo
braids// looking at the trees// julian// isaiah

 cooking dinner for mama// patio art// sitting// driving home from work
passed out after work// a clean and quiet house// mama's bedtime routine// fresh out of bed

 a grande for breakfast// sitting some more// boys room// ni-night
rainy Friday// cozy on the couch// reading books// stormy night

tornado kids// playing batman// watching the hawks// making a line all by themselves!
new fabrics//baking soda on carpet to freshen in up// before cleaning with vinegar, dish soap and water// after

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