So yesterday I went with my friend Tamara to the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival in Long Beach. Just like last year, it was cold! (Southern California cold). It was nice to get out of the house and roam the isles of handmade inspiration. 

After the fair we stopped at JoAnne's for the 2nd time this weekend (don't judge me it was friends and family weekend and you're damn right I'm not going to pass up a 25% sale). 

It's now cold enough to wear scarves! Yay! I feel like myself again. Also, I've been pulling my hair back so much (because I have a mullet) that it's starting to flatten out some of my curls. Headbands are my new favorite thing. 

I had a delicious food truck quesadilla. One last "hurrah" before I join Jess in a 2 week no sugar/bread challenge. Well, sugar from fruits and I'll be having some natural sugar in my greek yogurt. But other than that, no bread or crackers or rice or grains for 2 weeks. It's not NO carb, because there are carbohydrates in MANY foods, not just bread.

A gorgeous little beach house in Long Beach that reminds me a little bit more of a forest cottage than a beach house. And I want to live there. But not on a beach, in the forest.

I don't know what this is called. A marina? I don't know. But there were like 8 different kinds of birds. And it was really cold. The Patchwork fair was right next to the water which was what sucked the moisture out of me.

An ice cream cone cloud. What? I'm easily amused. 

The TEASE herbal face cleansers I got at the fair. Let me tell you, my face feels magical today. Like some little herbal fairies did some witchcraft on my skin last night. I'm sold. Such a good feeling not using harsh chemicals on my skin!

For those of you in this area, there is another Patchwork in Santa Ana on Thanksgiving weekend. Let's go!

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