meet up run down

I met other bloggers tonight. And they were SUHWEET. Here's the story of my trip to the So Cal blogger meet up in Del Mar. More pics to come, these are just a few phone shots. 

Summer and I booked our shizzy down to San Diego. I drove us down there and we didn't die. Mission accomplished. 

This is how we dooo iiiit.

With the beautiful Stephanie. Seriously, she looks cute every day. I look a little bloated despite having lost 3.5 lbs this week. Let's give mother nature a big round of applause for that one. 

Yes, I grew up on a pig farm. And then everyone found out. And then people pointed at me and said "there's pig farm girl". Whatever.

Wine gives me headaches. But that beer stole $10 from me. (I didn't get it knowing it would be that much, trust me.)

Um, this cupcake was so good I wanted to punch someone's face. It was covered with chocolate sprinkles so I thought it was chocolate when I picked it out. WRONG. It was peanut butter. WHAT THE WHAT!? And then when I got to the middle there was another surprise...chocolate chips. BOOM.

Summer sandwich. 
At this point Stephanie's alcohol was kicking in, she'd hijacked my phone and was instagramming the freak out of it. Also, I was suffering of a severe case of the blurs. 

And then I came home and immediately changed into something I'm a little more familiar with; stretchy pants. I hugged and kissed my wonderful super hubby for giving me a night out and basically being king of all husbands/dads.