loving more than one kid

Let's talk.

Since the dudes were born, maybe even in my belly, I've always felt a stronger bond with Isaiah. Maybe it was because he was the most active, always kicking me, always calling attention to himself. And now that they're growing, I find Isaiah taking a lot of my attention. He's a little more affectionate, he wants to be held more, he's just generally a louder kid. 

However, since birth Chikezie and Julian have had their own little bond. When we do things or go places I feel like Isaiah is "my baby" and Julian is Chikeize's. (That sounds bad doesn't it?) This is usually because Isaiah requires more attention and since I'm used to it, I take him and let Chikezie take care of Julian because more often than not, he's the "easier" kid. 

On days Isaiah is particularly attached to me, I feel the need to really go out of my way to give Julian extra attention. I know he can't tell the difference right now. I don't love him any different, I guess our relationship is different. And he's a lot more independent and content with doing his own thing than Isaiah. 

I feel like this post was kind of all over the place. Does anybody have any experience with this? I know it doesn't have to be just twins, having more than one child in general could trigger these feelings. 

So how about it...how do you guys manage building equal and loving relationships with more than one kid?

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  1. I TOTALLY get what you're saying. We're similar in our house. I have a post saved that talks about this. So, don't worry :-) you are NOT alone!