I've joined the future

Yay I got an iphone! I've been waiting for this FOREVER. And Chikezie ordered the 4s. We're a family of the future now. I don't even know what to do with this new technology.

So I obviously started off my iworld venture with a picture. Duh. The camera goes BOTH WAYS? What is this!? This means I can take a ton of pictures of myself now. I know you guys will love that.

Also, I'm on instagram now...follow me so you can see every minute and mundane detail of my life I feel like sharing in pictures. My user name is mamaejiasi. 

I'm in the future!!
What are some good apps you recommend? 

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  1. Hi there :) I've been following your blog since you featured my friend over at "pretty little life. "
    I'm in OC too :)

    I to just got the iPhone 4s and my daughter Isla loves the "talking Carla" app and I LOVE the "pinterest" app.

    Feel free to stop by my blog over at http:// mydayswithislamae.blogspot.com

    Love your blog!