I think they read my blog yesterday...

I'm pretty sure the boys read my blog last night because today they pretty much kicked ass all day. Or maybe they were the same and my attitude was different. Either way, it was an amazing day to be their mama.

Julian read me stories all morning. He looks serious but he was really just making sure I was listening. Reading time is all business at our house. And they were some new books that Summer brought over to our house! She is the sweetest!

Isaiah was just, well, extra cute. Seriously-check out those bouncy springy curls! (We washed hair the night before. I use SO MUCH conditioner on those curls.)

They helped me vacuum and fold clothes. And by vacuum I mean at one point took out the dirt collector thingy and spilled it all over the carpet. The only way I knew this happened was that I saw Isaiah slowly backing away from the hallway and they were both staring down the hall like they saw a ghost. Don't worry, the canister was just full of an entire box of baking soda I used to freshen up the carpet. No biggie.

They were super playful and content all night and only got a little fussy before dinner because they were hungry and didn't want to wait. (Above, they're showing me their game faces...my favorites.)

It was a good day. Oh, and we have some new vocabulary today!! Julian walked to the closet and kept telling me "vava" over and over. I didn't get what he meant at first and then realized he meant "vacuum"! Both boys were saying "vava" all day. 

When I was laying them down for a nap I had Julian in bed and I was calling for Isaiah to come in. Every time I called Isaiah, Julian would repeat "I-ya-ya"! I've been waiting forever to hear them say each other's names. I love it.

So, a bad week made better by a new attitude and a great day. 

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.


  1. That's the great thing about kids. Just when you're close to giving them away, they're the cutest little creatures ever and suck you back in!! P.s. The dudes get cuter every day! :)

  2. Those curls!!! The dudes never fail to melt my heart.