getting in the spirit

I'm not one for trying to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving has even happened but this year I really felt the need to get into the spirit a little early. I think it's because we'll be traveling home to Iowa for the holidays and I wanted to have some Christmas spirit at my house now to make up for the time we'll be gone.  

Also, I really have to WORK to get in the Christmas mood where I no longer experience cold weather or snow. That's a big one. 

Chikezie accidentally broke our little tree from last year (which I discovered when I was taking it out of the box) so I had to buy a new one. I decided to go with a 7.5 footer that was pre-lit. I didn't want to mess with untangling lights. Plus, we have vaulted ceilings so we have the vertical space for a taller tree. 

How is having a Christmas tree up with 2 20 month olds? Not too bad! I put most of the ornaments up higher so they're not tempted to mess with the tree. There is some light touching/poking/hitting of the branches but let's be honest, there are a lot more fun things to play with than a pokey old tree. I can usually distract them with something else and they forget all about it.

My mom used to go all out decorating for Christmas. Although the boys are young and won't ever remember it, they'll see pictures. I loved putting up decorations with my mom and I loved a house full of holiday decorations and holiday music on the radio for a good month. This is how I will be. 

As we enter into the holiday season (I include Thanksgiving in this season) I want the boys to remember the most important part about this time of year and it's the spirit of giving, of thoughtfulness, of appreciation, of love, of celebration, of peace and of family. 

And to use the holidays as a reminder that these things don't need to be celebrated and practiced only once a year; they should be continued on through the new year.

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