the dudes know sign language

The boys have been really taking a lot of strides with their communication skills lately. As I've talked about before, they're a little behind on vocabulary and I've been really working at teaching them how to communicate. At almost 21 months, here are the words they know:

  • chicken (ba-ba), mama, dada, bye, vacuum (va-va), Isaiah (Eye-ya-ya), banana (na-na), naked (na-na) 
They also do this weird tongue/noise/word thing when something is yucky: 

They've also been picking up signs pretty easily and one of the biggest things is that they're starting to use them IN context, not just when I ask them to say the sign.

Here's a (kind of shakey) video of them doing a few signs last night:

Here are all of the signs they're currently doing:

  • Up, down, bye-bye, hi, touchdown, thank you, milk, more, book, bird, monkey, giraffe, hat, shark, butterfly, car, eat, all done, baby, and we're working on help and please right now.
The sign language has been an amazing tool. They're starting to learn how to really ask for things they need and communicate with both signs and words. A lot of people falsely thing that signing discourages speech but it's more like a stepping stone, a lot like crawling is to walking. Kids are never too old to learn sign language and there are so many good books and resources to help you teach and learn with your baby/toddler/kid. 

We use this book and this one (which is basically the same thing). Here is also a good website with pictures and videos to help you understand the signs better. 

Do you use sign language with your kids?

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