crying babies, handmade sweetness and getting things done.

Do you ever have so many ideas you just don't have enough time to start making them all a reality? This is like, the story of my life. I've been writing them down the past couple of weeks and this weekend I'm really determined to get some things accomplished. I'm determined to have a bunch of handmade ornaments ready for our tree to be put up next Thursday. This, plus like 800 other things.

The boys have had other plans for my life lately. Julian is going through some hardcore separation anxiety issues, maybe because he's teething. Seriously? Both boys are working on a whole mouth full of molars. There has to be at least 15 teeth coming in at once in this house right now. Every time I even go down the hallway to go to the bathroom, Julian does this:

Thank you to my awesome husband for getting some fro-yo for us last night and making my hell of a week a little sweeter. Did I mention to you guys that I cut out all grains and processed sugar from my diet a little over a week ago and have lost about 6 lbs so far? Well, except for the necessary and very much needed Friday treat. So there's that. 

Anywho. Back to the dreaming big dreams thing. (Sorry this post is all over the place.) I'm getting shizzy done this weekend. I wanted to post pictures of all the pairs of earrings I made for the blogger meet up last weekend but ran out of time. I was really hoping to add all of the new earring designs to my shop... Look at all of these beautiful ladies wearing Mama Mandolin handmade sweetness:

You guys have no idea how much joy I get seeing something I've made bring other people happiness. It seriously made my week. (If you got a pair at the meet up I want to see pictures!) Head on over to my shop if you'd like a pair of your own (or to give for the holidays!) 

Time to put on a pot of coffee, get my little men out of bed and start getting shiz done around here. 

P.S. Did you guys see the new header? And some new stuff on the sidebar? I did it. My photoshop skills are very, very basic but it looks good, no? 

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