chikezie fo sheezy

[passed out]

He has been working SO MUCH lately. Many nights he comes home from his full time work only to work on freelance jobs all night or until he falls asleep. And he still squeezes in time to read to the boys or tickle them while trying not to fall asleep on the couch..or floor...or sitting up. 

And he does all of this just for us. On nights where I just wish I could have a break, I know he's working, too. It's not cheap to live here. He's working so I can stay home with the boys. He's working so the boys don't have to be in someone else's care every day and even though he's not here, I can still document every little thing they go through. 

So although he falls asleep and works himself to exhaustion (or may stay up too late playing a video game) and I feel like a week flies by and I haven't seen him, I am SO thankful for this guy. 

Thank you sleepy husband, for being the foundation of this family. I know I tell you this every night, but don't stay up too late. I love you.

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