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Every now and then it's nice to have a little reminder of the individual and special things about both boys. When you have two kids the same age, doing all of the same things, it can be easy to think of them as a pair and forget about the traits that make each of them so unique.

10 favorite things about Isaiah:
  1. His determination. He doesn't give up when he wants something (even if it means making his brother cry in the process. Got to give the kid some credit.) 
  2. That one random long curl by his right ear. 
  3. The growl he greets me with every morning when I open their bedroom door.
  4. His obsession with books and how he puts a book in your face until you read it to him.
  5. How his run looks more like a hop/bounce. 
  6. How he laughs his hardest laughs when he's playing with his brother.
  7. His outgoing personality, especially around other kids. He'll walk up and babble his baby language like everyone can understand.
  8. How he has to do the "car" sign every. single. time. he sees a car. Except the sign looks less like he's driving a car and more like he's pulling the reins on a horse.
  9. When he squishes my cheeks together and laughs at my squished mouth.
  10. How he calls me "Ma" instead of Mama. 

10 favorite things about Julian:
  1. This half open mouth stare he gives when he's listening.
  2. His playful nature. He always wants to start a game of peek-a-boo or do something silly to make everyone laugh.
  3. Those cute little turned in feet that make him so clumsy. He can be standing in the middle of the room touching nothing and manage to twist and fall in some weird position.
  4. How when I ask him to get his brother he yells "Ah-Ya-Ya!"
  5. Although I hate it sometimes, I'm cherishing his recent attachment to me. I can't leave the room without him crying. It's hard sometimes but some day he won't want me around.
  6. How he just likes to explore and doesn't like to be held or contained.
  7. When he hisses like a snake, the air doesn't come out of his mouth, it comes out of his nose...with lots of other nose treats.
  8. How he stands at the bottom of the stairs and yells "Da!" for Chikezie, at all hours of the day.
  9. When his little fingers fiddle and pick at things when he's just relaxing on the couch. He's always messing with something.
  10. How he always needs to put his feet up on my lap when we're sitting together, even if it looks like the most uncomfortable position.

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