with a bang

Well, Isaiah sure started off October with a bang.
The kid looks like he just beat Apollo Creed in a knock out.

Don't ask me how it happened. And put down the phone and the number for CPS, you psycho moms. Chikezie made us his usual Saturday morning breakfast and we were enjoying it together when we heard a scream/brief cry from the boy's bedroom. I was too busy shoveling in eggs to get up so I told Chikezie to go check on them. (clearly mother of the year) Chikezie walked in to find Isaiah with a scratch on his eye....and it swelled pretty fast.

He's fine. Not even whining about it. I still have no idea what could have caused it. But I wanted to document the boys' first shiner. He looks so tough. I feel like this is a very clear sign that we've been shoved into toddlerhood full force. I'm now bracing myself for many more injuries in the near future.

Here's to hopefully not many more of these, and to a tough boy who took it like a champ!

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