sleepy boys

It's hard to ever get a picture of the boys sleeping because they wake up whenever I open their door during nap time. There's always that one amplified squeak that just ruins the whole thing. Well, Saturday morning we all slept in. I got up around 9:30 and the boys were STILL asleep! I opened their bedroom door around 10 thinking they'd wake up but they were out. So we let them sleep. We're not ones to wake up sleeping kids, if they're sleeping, they're tired and they need it. 

And because they were so out, I was able to get a couple of quick pictures. There's something about sleeping kids. They're just so precious and sweet when they sleep. I want to crawl in their bed and snuggle up with them. That's not weird, right?


I love his crossed ankles.

Julian. I find his feet through the railings most nights when I go in to cover them up.

Both boys are tummy sleepers just like their mama. 

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