our bedroom

Our bedroom is the one place Chikezie has given me free will to do whatever I want. Sometimes I don't think he would even be able to tell you what color our sheets are. Our bedroom is full of a lot of handmade and very meaningful items to me. There are lots of colors and patterns and well, I think it's kind of a perfect reflection of me. I haven't even been really TRYING to decorate, just adding things here and there when I feel like it...and that is very much true to my personality. Very go-with-the-flow.

Here is a little peek:
An old window frame that used to be a heavy mirror. Now it holds lovelies I've made for my etsy shop and projects I'm working on.

a felt leaf garland I draped over our curtains for fall. I was inspired by THIS on Pinterest.

The lamp is lined with vintage buttons from my grandma's button collection.

This is where the magic happens, people. And by magic I mean, getting our sleep ON. None of our bedding matches, and we don't have a bed frame. Although I wish it was bigger than a queen, this bed is super comfortable. The banner was a cheap/easy way to add a little something in the empty space above our heads. I didn't want to hang anything too heavy because I'm paranoid we're going to have an earthquake and something will fall on our heads while we're sleeping. Yes, these things go through my mind.

The "E" above our dresser. $3 at JoAnne's, wrapped in yarn (stuck using spray glue). The old key is from an antique store in Orange. A crazy little old lady sold it to me.

A jewelry box I got in Iowa on an antiquing outing with my friend Taryn. I had such a fun time with her that day. This always reminds me of her and how much I miss getting into trouble with her.

This is one of my favorite things, it used to belong to my Great Grandma Georgia. 

Old placemat: Goodwill. The orange thingy was supposed to be a vase but I don't have any flowers for it at the moment. It's an old peanut jar wrapped in yarn. I use it for brooches and to stick hair clips into. You can also see the old frame in the background turned earring older from THIS tutorial.

I love giraffes, this one holds my rings, or A ring at the moment.

This pretty tea tin I got for $3 on a thrifting outing with Summer. I haven't decided what to put into it yet but it's too pretty not to display somewhere.

A full view of the dresser. This used to have handles instead of knobs and was all brown. I painted the drawers and filled the extra holes. I was going to paint the whole thing but it's SO heavy. I couldn't drag the whole dresser out to our patio on my own so I just gave up. I added different colored knobs (Anthropologie) mainly because I couldn't decide on just one theme. White paper lantern from Ikea.

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