hardcore mom

Exhibit A: A mother in her element, child on her hip (and non-pictured child at her feet). A candid and original moment, captured in the gleaming fall sunlight.

Exhibit B: The same mother, seconds later...in another kind of element.

Yes, I was using spit to clean the crusties hanging out of Isaiah's nose. I completely acknowledge how totally "MOM" this is. I always have such a better view of facial crustiness when the boys are up at my level and in the light. This baby-on-the-hip stance brings out my spit-clean-mommy-instincts. As much as I hate this picture, and my radiant double chins... I secretly love it. 

Thank you, husband, for catching me at my finest. 

Being a hardcore mom.

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  1. Totally great shots! And so very very true...you can actually see the nastiness you thought you had just wiped away when they are up on that hip :)