on a completely opposite note

In case you were wondering what it was REALLY like to live at our house, here's a little looksie. 

This is just a random bout of screaming, for no real purpose besides the demonic teeth making their way through the boys' gums. They tend to bring out the angry side of my children. Please note, I'm not torturing my children in any way, and not laughing at them for fun. Chikezie was popping out from behind the computer trying to lighten the mood. Julian (in the yellow) bounces between giggling and screaming (which made me laugh). Isaiah, in black really has no interest but screaming. 

I'll tell you now to turn down your computer volume, there is some loud banshee screaming about to go down.

Some good lungs on these kids. Sometimes you can't do anything but laugh at the dramatics, just to cling to the few ounces of sanity you may still have.

Eff you, teeth. Eff you.

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