obligatory pumpkin patch post

This weekend we decided to take a trip to the pumpkin patch...a different one than last year, in hopes it wouldn't be as crowded. I'd like to go on the weekdays but I want it to be a family thing. It was crowded. As soon as we got the boys out of the stroller, Isaiah just wanted to run. It doesn't really work that well when there are a ton of people who can't see little boys running at their feet. 

We kept the boys in the stroller for the most part, but the park the pumpkin patch was in is really awesome and I want to go back again this weekend. Lots of fall colors, big trees and room to run around. 

Daddy helping pick out the right pumpkin.

Julian on the hay pony.

Love this one. Chikezie smiling at Julian smiling at the pumpkins.

Isaiah was total straight face on the pony. He was in the zone.


He walked up to this on his own! It was so cute.

Chikezie asked me if I was sure I could hold both of them. Are you kidding me? The bigger they get, the stronger my arms get. It's crazy how natural holding both of them is. I'm blessed that I'm not a tiny little mom, I feel like I was made to have two big kids.


Daddy and his boys. Isaiah (right) LOVED his pumpkin.

I know this was too close (I forgot the camera was zoomed) but my hubs looks so handsome I love this. And I love the black stripe he has in his right eye.

Papa and Mama.

Julian. You kill me with cuteness. Seriously. SO CUTE.

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