Mondays Are Awesome Vol. 9

That's right. Mondays ARE awesome. 
I'm determined to start your week off with some crazies. This week we're going to get to know the fun side of Christa from Young and Restless Blog

The lady:

the fam:
Married to Jeff sense November 2007
Kid: Braylee who just turned 2 :)
What would be your dream job?
HONESTLY.. a stripper. Ok, ok so maybe not a LITERAL stripper because well.. thats just not my cup of tea. But no seriously, they have PROFESSIONAL pole dancing. It's almost like body building competitions. …..just with a pole :). They only have limited clothing because they need the skin to pole contact for the holds and tricks they do. It takes SO much athleticism and strength. Seriously, HERE is a video, go watch it. You will want to be a professional pole dancer too!

Name a secret talent.
I am REALLY good at burping. Like, manly belches. I can feel the jealousy swelling up inside you. I'm quite proud, actually. I can burp on command too :) 

Pet peeves...we know you have them.
Farts! You’d think that with my burp talent that I wouldn’t mind farts but NOPE; I loath them. They are so disgusting. And when you smell them.. All it is is poop particles up in your nose! Google it.  I'm not lying. My husband, who I was with for 4 years, had NEVER heard me fart. And still to this day (almost 6 years together) he has only heard it like 3 times. Now baby farts are adorable. And plus, they stay trapped in their diapers :)

What is one of your bad habits?
I pick my mascara off when I sleep. I know that doesn’t seem so bad but when you wake up with bald spots in your eye lashes, it sucks.

What is something bad you did when you were a kid?
I was a BRAT. My family, to this day, likes to remind me of how bad I was. But now I am the sweetest person you’d ever meet so I guess I evened out :) But besides that, one bad thing I did when I was a kid (age 3-6) I would get naked and run out into the street. See.. the stripper thing started at a young age  and is just in my blood ;)

Best concert you've been to.
BRITNEY SPEARS! Yep, I just said that. I went when I was 19 years old and 8 months prego! I'm well aware that I am super cool. Now part of my reasoning for her concert being my favorite is that the only other concert I went to was N’Sync. I was deprived as a child. I will forever be a Britney fan, but word to the wise... her concerts suck. They sound EXACTLY like her CD’s. BOOO BRITNEY! BOOO! You have failed me. Her opening band was Pussy Cat Dolls and I LOVED them.

What is the best thing about you?
Well everyone tells me that I'm pretty funny. But on a serious note, I am very caring and honest. I REALLY pride myself in my honesty and trust worthiness. Sometimes I feel like a vault of secrets that others turn to me for but everyone needs that one friend that you could trust with your life, and well, that’s me.

Have you met anyone famous? If not, who would you like to meet?
I have not met anyone famous, but I used to want to meet Lady Gaga because she is my favorite but when I see her on TV in interviews and stuff, I changed my mind. I think she’d scare me because she is CONSTANTLY in character and trying to weird people out. So I'd have to say Christina Aguilera. She is my idol.

Name something you love and something you absolutely despise.
Well apparently I'm a fatty because the first thing that comes to mind is food. I LOVE lasagna. I could eat that for the rest of my life and be a happy little fatty. I DESPISE (despise doesn’t even do the emotion justice) SEAFOOD! The smell makes me SO sick. I have never actually tried sea food, but I have a MAJOR mind block and can not put it in my mouth. The puke gets to my throat before the food can.

Your drink of choice (alcoholic or non)
Ya know, I'm REALLY not a drinker. I have like an immunity to alcohol (seriously call my husband and ask, I NEVER drink but if I do, it takes a lot). Plus I don’t like the way it makes me feel, especially the next day. But if anything, Wine is the one thing that hasn’t made me sick. Maybe because it's more natural, but wine is more of a happy buzz and no sicky the next day :)

But non alchoholic, I LOVE juice! And strawberry lemmonade :)

Do YOU want to be awesome on a Monday? 
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Party on, friends.

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