Marley and Einstein

In my quest to find non-cartoon, non-worded up clothes for the boys-I've traveled to Etsy. I've found it's so hard to find anything that doesn't have crazy or cartooney designs on boy clothes. It's really frustrating. It's SO hard to find boy clothes in this world. (You moms of boys KNOW this pain.)

I found this shop on Etsy:

They have cute screen printed shirts for dudes (or any kids for that matter) that are a step away from the appliqued neck-tie onesies seeming to take over Etsy. Seriously! How many people can sell those? My order was shipped within a couple of days and the dudes look like studs in them.

Isaiah and his black eye didn't want their pictures taken. But how cute is the boy with big hair and his Einstein shirt? He looks so sad/reflective in this picture. If you look closely you'll see the black eye. Well, it's not black but it's redish/blueish. Definitely bruised. Makes him look tough.

Julian, on the other hand, put on a total Zoolander performance and couldn't stop the cuteness in his Marley shirt. This kid.

What are some of your favorite shops/stores for boy clothes?

FYI: I wasn't compensated or anything for this post-I just really liked my shopping experience/this shop and wanted to share it with you!

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  1. ThankS for sharing...I need some places to find stuff for Simon. The dudes are looking good!