halloween flashback

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Last year Halloween was purely for our entertainment purposes, we put the boys in a couple of made up costumes and took a bunch of pictures to mark the occasion. This year will probably be much of the same although I put a little more effort into the costumes this time around.

Here are the dudes last year:
Tom Cruise from Risky Business and a baby Tibetan Monk (wrapped in one of my scarves)

AND we had these costumes as hand-me-downs that I put the boys in August of last year before they outgrew them. Probably some of the cutest pictures EVER:

Look at my cute and squishy little babies! Oh I miss when they were so little. So sweet and smiley. It feels like forever ago. Way back when they wouldn't push away my snuggles. Oh well. As they get older I expect each Halloween to be more fun as they get into it and can pick out costumes and make memories.

I threw together their costumes last minute (a.k.a. yesterday) and Julian will be a puppy, Isaiah a panda bear. Here's a little peek at Julian's ears...let's hope he leaves them on.
Gosh he looks old. 

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