wordless[ish] wednesday: a finished reading spot

I decided to make a little reading area in the living room for the boys to encourage reading time (for all of us).  Living in an apartment can be tricky when it comes to decorating and making spaces work for you. I've been adding to this space for a couple of weeks and I thought I'd give you guys a little peek at how it turned out. 
I buy a lot of the boys' books at Goodwill or at book fair store that sells all children's books for $1. They're a little rough on most of the books and I don't feel so bad if one gets ruined. The boys don't spend much time in their bedrooms apart from sleeping...which is why I made this reading space in the living room since it's where we all spend the most of our time together.

We put dvds and books we dont' want the boys to get into in those containers on the shelves and turn them around backward so the boys aren't as inclined to pull them off the shelves. 

I made the banner and pillowcases (using THIS tutorial for the pillowcases seriously, it took like no time at all). The boys love to lay down on them and look at books. The padding is a down-alternative queen size mattress cover folded in half and covered with an old fitted sheet. I didn't buy a new one, we recently got a memory foam topper for our bed and I just used what we already had. 

I'm really happy with this little spot. We've done a lot of reading here already (and Chikezie has taken a nap or two on the floor here before as well). 

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