fall, sort of

baby leaves
Julian left, Isaiah right.
why are kids so damn cute when they sleep? and why do my children look so freaking long?
They go everywhere together.

We enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree fall weather yesterday. I will never get used to this always warm weather. I can't wait to move. I don't hate it here but still after 2 years it doesn't feel like home. I get extra homesick around this time of year when the seasons change and we don't really get to experience it the same way we always have. 

But I really do appreciate being able to be comfortably outside year round. When things get cramped in our apartment I know I can easily and quickly take all of us outside and get some fresh air without bundling up.

We played at the complex playground for a little bit until both boys climbed up into the stroller and sat down. I took this as them telling me they want to go for a walk...so we did! I pushed their heavy butts 2.39 miles, without my proper running shoes, and as always, in the hills. They fell asleep after the first mile and I had a chance to get lost in my thoughts for an hour. 

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