dudes in a park

We got out the door yesterday. I like the cool mornings right now. I really like the park at the bottom of our hill, it's about a mile to the park downhill which means a mile uphill on the way back and it has both a playground and a big open field. We saw lots of puppies and actually a lot of little kids around their age started to show up. 

I love watching the boys interact with other kids. They are so comfortable with each other, I think they just figure all kids to be the same. Isaiah tried to run around with a couple boys that looked around 2 1/2-3. Julian was obsessed with someone's baby. And of course every parent there was nice enough to comment on their giant hair. 

Here are some pictures from our adventure at the park:
They normally aren't ever dressed the same, but I felt like it today. Julian left, Isaiah right.
Julian in the black shirt, Isaiah in the blue. Checking things out when we got there. They don't try to climb stuff or really run like crazy. They just walk to different spots and just stand there pointing at things and babbling to each other. They pretty much just follow each other around.
Isaiah's stance is always so wide. He looks like he's ready to take on a tackle.
They were checking out the new kids showing up. Gotta love Julian's one random curl that always is half as curly as the rest...just hanging out on his forehead.
J was also a little nervous about crossing the little wooden bridge-like pathway to the playground. He got down on his knees and carefully stepped onto the new surface. It was so cute.
And then my face melted off when we got home and I saw this. 

My goal is to walk to the park every Mon-Wed-Fri mornings around the same time we did this time. It was still semi-cool out and there were a few other kids there playing. It's good for the boys to be around other kids. And it's good for me to get off my ass and walk 2 miles with the ridiculously heavy stroller. 

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