crafty to-do's

I have a LOT on my to-do list this week. I'm feeling extra creative. And productive. Maybe it's all this caffeine? Who knows. And here's my goal: next week you'll get pictures of all these projects, finished. I really am going to do all of it THIS WEEK. Crazy? Probably. Am I over estimating the amount of time I have? Oh, definitely.

Here is my Pinterest to-do list for the week.

Wine bottle covered in twine, except I'm going to use yarn on jars I've saved from condiments we use. We'll see how it works. 

Pom wreath kind of like this, minus the paper flowers. 

A pretty circle scarf

This pretty (and EASY) fall leaf garland.

Pillowcases for the boys' new reading area. 

Paint some pumpkins pretty like this. 

Seriously....I have a lot to get done this week. 


  1. Love that fall leaf garland. Good luck.

  2. I think it's the cool weather, because I have an itching to craft, too! And I'm planning on making that garland. I started cutting out leaves.... We'll see if I make it any farther.