boys who like cars

The boys are, what I would say, fairly obsessed with cars. I mean, last night Chikezie started singing "Wheels on the Bus" and Isaiah ran to the book shelf, pulled out the book that has the song/words, tuned to the right page and then brought it over for daddy to read to him. He won't listen to any of the other songs on any other page. 

Cars have also been a great teaching tool. The boys can now point to the wheels, doors and bumper. They know the sound cars make and we work on putting them in lines. I've kind of given into the obsession and keep buying them more and more. I figure, the more cars, the less to fight over, right? Right?? Yeah, obviously not the case. 

Here's what happens when Isaiah wants a car:
a. he just takes it out of Julian's hand, sometimes stealing a new car every 30 seconds. Julian will just pick up the car Isaiah dropped to steal his and they do this little trading dance for a few minutes. 
b. Julian really wants to keep his car and continues to run away from Isaiah.

Julian just doesn't like to put up a fight. After months and months of having his toys taken from him, he's used to just finding something else. I kind of feel bad for him. I'm trying to teach Isaiah about sharing but it is a hard concept to learn when you're still little. 

With all the stealing of cars and fighting, there are still many, many times where the boys play together happily. I mean, they do everything together. If one goes left, they both do. They may play on their own, but always together.

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