behind the scenes

Some pictures just don't make it to the blog. And then they're always whining to me about how they wish they could get shown, too. Well today is their lucky day. Here are some pictures from the last month or so that didn't get their time in the spotlight.

What we sometimes do when Daddy falls asleep on the floor after work (this happens a lot).

Looking gorgeous after a long day and a cold. And 2 boys with colds.

Isaiah with a black eye and a bow in his hair.


Just the way I like my pb & j .... loaded.

All of our reusable bags drying in the bathroom.  I read somewhere that these bags can have a ton of germs/bacteria on them from groceries. A.K.A. you guys should wash yours, too.

When I asked them "Where is your brother?" 

 Just laying around, reading books.

Isaiah and Daddy reading books.

 Wrapped in their blankies, pretending they're kings.

Isaiah leaning in to give Julian kisses.

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