beautiful me

make up free! 

Why are we always trying to be something we're not? 

We straighten our hair, cake on the make up, wear things to make our bodies look a certain way, starve ourselves, feel guilty for eating the things that taste good, stare longingly at photoshopped images of women who seem impossibly perfect...

I wonder how much time we actually waste wanting to be something different. Is this life we're given not enough? Is how you were made not enough? Why can't we just be content and happy to be ourselves?

Stop judging your appearance in the mirror picking apart every tiny self-imposed flaw you wish you could change. You are wasting your life. Those moments spent whining in the mirror will never be yours again; wasted on negativity and self-depricating thoughts. So pointless, really.

We all seem to be crawling on our knees through this life, scraping the dirt with our fingernails, desperately searching for something we think we need but is not attainable. Ashamed of what we are, focusing too much on what others have and blindly missing our own beauty. Too much judgement, not enough appreciation.

We can not be anyone else. We lose weight, get plastic surgery, wear loads of make up, drastically change our bodies because we don't like what we see in the mirror. And no matter how much our physical appearance changes, those nagging thoughts of inadequacy will never leave. Those beauties we see in magazines? They're just as insecure as everyone else. 

It's not our bodies that need readjusting, it's our eyes. 

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