a nice view

We living within walking distance of two parks. Well, it's like a mile to either one I believe. The other day we walked to one with the boys (up a huge hill the whole way!) and let them run around for awhile. Isaiah even chatted it up with a cute little girl at the playground. It's so cute for me to watch them interact with other kids. They're so good because they're used to being around each other, they just go up to kids like it's nothing.

These aren't the best of pics but the boys just seem so much older these days. I mean look at this:
Julian wearing Daddy's sunglasses. 

Isaiah just kneeling, eating some crackers. What a pose.


Running away.

And even though it was such a huge hill to walk up with the super heavy stroller (the thing itself is 50lbs, and both of the boys are probably close to 30)... we have a crazy nice view on the way back down. Chikezie took these scenic ones below and I edited them a little. 
If you look really close you can see the rooftops of our complex right behind the bridge on the right. It's scary to think that huge dam is just yards from us!

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