the story that started it all

This weekend (on Sunday), Chikezie and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. And we're also approaching the anniversary of the day we met, and the days we started dating and falling for each other...6 years ago. So in honor of all of that, I thought I'd share with you a little piece of our love story...a little flashback of love for your Friday :)

Once upon a time, this college girl used to stalk a hottie bouncer at the Sports Column.  His strong jaw line, broad shoulders, and oh lordy those lips! She was outgoing but not brave enough to talk to a guy as gorgeous as him.  But one night, on October 15, 2005 she finally had enough liquid courage to talk to him.
On one of her many visits to stalk see him while he was working.

As he was passing by her through the bar, she grabbed his hand. She made her best seductive eyes and introduced herself. He was intrigued and they exchanged numbers right then and there, in their 1 minute encounter. (She found out later that he'd actually had a concussion this night, from a rugby game he'd played earlier that day. He clearly wasn't in his right mind!) They stalked each other on facebook and texted each other back and forth for a week or two after that. His first text to her was "the pen is blue!" and she knew what it meant.

They had the hots for each other, and like most college relationships, their pairing was based in physical attraction. Until one day they laid around her room, talking for an entire day, quoting stupid movies, laughing, learning it was a lot more than physical attraction that was drawing them together.

A few days later, on a warm fall afternoon, he asked her to be his girlfriend. They'd only known each other for 2 weeks but this was something she'd never heard a guy ask her before. Most guys let it linger forever, to that awkward stage where you didn't know what you were. But not him. He asked her. And how could she say no? 

They went on their first date to the Atlas and for drinks that night. He wanted to introduce her to his friends right away. He thought she was different than other girls. 
It was a Tuesday.

They were inseperable. She went out with her friends at night and visited him while he worked late hours at the bar. She could keep her independence and see her friends and still see him all the time. She didn't want to be caged or trapped. It was perfect.

They went on long walks together until the sun went down and their fingers were stinging with the cold air of late fall evenings. She brought her disposable camera, he brought his sketch pad. He didn't let her hold his hand, he preferred her arm in his. 

She made cookies at his crappy apartment. He drew things for her. She could be herself with him. He opened up to her. Being with him was easy. It just somehow worked, easier than any of the brief relationships she'd had before. 

One month and 20 days after they first met, on this night, on his birthday, she told him something she'd never told any boy before.

She told him she loved him.

And he said he loved her back. 

Happy Anniversary, husband

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  1. Aww thats so both look so suited for each other from your photos, happy & in love.