remembering the babies

I miss when the boys were small.  I miss my little tiny babies. Don't get me wrong, I love watching them grow but sometimes I get that little twinge of sadness at the fact that I'll never cradle them like I could when they were little. It's those little twinges of sadness that make me want more babies. It's gotten worse lately, too. I need slapped.

I always get a little sad knowing that my chances of having twins again are pretty low. And that's if we have more kids. Having two kids at once was awesome. I hate that it is going so fast. I used to be able to feed them both and burp them at the same time. Skillz. And even today, I don't have much problem carrying them around at the same time. Pure talent. Good thing I'm not a tiny person :)

Anyways. These pictures make me happy. And sad. I like to look at these and old pictures of the boys and try to put myself back into those moments. I try to remember what we were doing that day, what I was thinking and who I was when those pictures were taken. Since having the boys I've learned I'm a very nostalgic person.

Le sigh.

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