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I'm really trying to use my phone to take more pictures. I don't have an iphone, or even a phone that takes that great of pictures. But I really do need to at least TRY to capture the moment more often. I feel like the unplanned moments captured by cell phone are some of the most meaningful. Little snapshots of our life.

Here are a few random captures from the past few days from both my phone and Chikezie's. 

Isaiah...with a ponytail.

Isaiah sporting his Hawkeye gear on Saturday. He looks like a total KID to me in this picture! (I always feel kind of guilty when I have more pictures of one boy than the other. I know it doesn't mean anything but it makes me feel like an unfair mom. This week, Isaiah happened to get in all the pictures.)

I messed with my bangs a little. And by messed with I mean cut. I'm just really not liking the cut I got a couple weeks ago. You may also notice I dyed it. Dark brown to get rid of the highlights. They looked good but my roots were growing out and my hair was like 1000 different colors. It looked greasy. I really don't know, guys. I'm just TRYING to grow this mess out. 

Making dinner. 

Dudes in the fun car at the grocery store. This was a first because I usually go grocery shopping ALONE! They sat in this thing the whole time without making a peep. Genius.

And then there's this. We've never taught this to Isaiah and I'm not sure how he learned it so good...but I asked Isaiah to show me his game face the other day and this is what he gave us:

That's one hell of a game face.

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