on parenting styles (and a cute video)

Here's a convo we had yesterday over an afternoon snack:
(Julian is in the orange, Isaiah in the stripes)
Yes, their snake noise is my favorite.

This is how the boys eat a lot of their snacks and "clean" meals (anything that won't make a mess if spilled). I know a lot of moms may scold me for this, saying they need to sit in their high chair and have structured meals. However, the boys do so much better with eating when they're not strapped down. They typically sit down and eat until the tray is empty. They may get up for a few seconds to look out the window or to explore something but stay pretty focused on their food until it's gone. 

When it comes to things like bedtime, we try to get them to bed around 8 but if we're out I don't pay too much attention to the clock. We base our time out on how the boys are behaving. If they start to get super fussy we know it's time to get going. But we definitely aren't the parents who cut everything off and rush home so the boys can be in bed by a certain time. 

I these are just a couple of examples of things I've learned as a parent is just to do what works for us. It may seem crazy to some people but for us it works great. And I think so far, this style of parenting has really helped us raise a couple of boys who really adapt well. We're very "go with the flow" parents who aren't strict on things like schedules, etc. 

HOWEVER...I'm not knocking anyone who relies on schedules. For some people and some personalities, it's necessary, especially with parents who work. Some people are very organized and regimented and their parenting style reflects that. And at times, I wish I could be more organized! 

What is your parenting style?

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