Iowa State Fair (an outing without the boys)

When we were back in Iowa, I spent a day at the Iowa State Fair with my dad and sister and a few friends. It was so nice to get away from the boys for a day. At that point I'd been with them for 2 weeks all alone. I know I had family to help and whatnot but when it comes down to it, the boys just wanted their mommy sometimes. It's hard being the only one there (and we were really missing Chikezie at that point.) 

Growing up, we used to go to the state fair almost every summer. Before I moved to Cali in 2009, I spent my final few days working at a booth at the state fair for the college I used to work for, feeding my newly pregnant belly and watching the "interesting" people pass us by.

Here are just a few pictures from my day at the fair last month:

As you can see all I really cared about was the cute baby animals and the flowers. Typical.

It felt really weird hanging out with old friends without the boys. They've never known me as a Mama since I haven't seen anyone since the very beginning of my pregnancy. And I haven't hung out with old friends since before I was a it was really a new and interesting feeling being with them. Kind of sad though because I had so much fun. I really wish we could just move all of our family and friends here :)

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  1. Since becoming a mama I can't look at a photo like that of the piglets without thinking "and I thought breastfeeding was rough." poor mama piggy.
    Glad you were able to get away.