Holy Flashback!

I found this disk of pictures in a file at my mom's house (all of my stuff that I left there when I move). These pictures are from some period during my freshman year at Iowa. Oh the memories. And the blonde! I have no idea how or why these are in black and white either...

Before some kind of beach party at a bar. Showing skin. I'm sure I was probably one of the most covered up girls there.

Dirty Burge girls. Seriously, the dorm had the nickname "dirty" because of how nasty some of the people were that stayed there. Not us, of course. Apparently though, that dorm had like the highest rate of STD's of any dorm for a few years running. Awesome, right? 
(It was obviously a rumor, but I did know some pretty dirty girls from that dorm lol)

Painting pottery at Fired Up. One of my favorite places.

My roomie Taryn. We had our desks facing each other and would IM each other back and forth instead of talking sometimes. Also notice my OLD SCHOOL computer AND cell phone, and that giant beer mug on my desk which held my fish Moby (who lived until my cat murdered him my senior year and who we promptly had a memorial service for and dumped him in the stream behind our house.)

 Bar crawl with all my library peeps. Yes, I worked at the library for my entire college career. Best job EVER. 
Don't worry, this isn't some lost love of college. I don't remember his name but he obviously worked at the library. (When you're drunk you want pictures with everyone) I just posted this picture because if you look closely-my nose was pierced! I forgot I had it pierced for awhile! I kind of miss it. 

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