happy half birthday boys!

Saturday the boys turned 18 months old! I can't believe it's been 6 months since they turned 1. And I'm a little sad we're now on the upward swing toward 2. But just as I think they've gotten as awesome as they can get, they get another month older and even more awesome. 

Here are some things they know how to do:
  • Run (kind of). 
  • Kick a ball. 
  • Climb up a few things like stairs and the chair in the picture above. Isaiah likes to climb and just sit in the chair, Julian climbs on to the stool and then whines because he can't get down.
  • Between the two of them can make a fish face, and make the sounds of the following animals: lion, bear, kitty and snake.
  • Can say Dada...and everything else in the world is a Dada as well. Isaiah is really trying to say Mama.
  • Stack legos, turn the tv, iphone, my phone, xbox, and just about everything else on and off.
  • Can do the sign for milk, more, bye-bye, up, down, monkey, touchdown, and all done. We're working on thank you right now and getting close.
And some things they like:
  • Being outdoors. If they're getting grouchy, outside is always the cure.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba, Cars, Tangled and Sesame Street.
  • Cars and blocks. 
  • Wallets, bags, purses. 
  • Being chased and being scared. 
  • Books, books, books. 
  • Iowa Hawkeyes and football. 
My little babies are slowly growing into big boys and it is AWESOME. They are such cool kids. So much fun to be around every day (except for when they're whining at every.little.thing). Bring on the next 6 months! I'm going to soak each and every second in.

Happy Half Birthday Julian and Isaiah, Mama and Daddy love your guts.

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